Poet and journalist Adisa Bašić was born in 1979 in Sarajevo. She has a degree in Comparative Literature and Librarianship and a master’s degree in Human Rights and Democracy. She has published four poetry collections, Eve’s Sentences (1999), Trauma Market (2004) and A Promo Clip for My Homeland (2011) and Motel of Unknown Heroes (2014). Her poems have been included in all recent anthologies of Bosnian poetry. Until Tomorrow, Then: Stories about Love and Marriage" (2017) is her first prose book.

She is an Assistant Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing at the Department of Comparative Literature and Library Science, Sarajevo Faculty of Philosophy. For a number of years, she wrote regular column of literary criticism for weekly magazine "Slobodna Bosna".

She has spent a year in Marburg, Germany, studing German Language and Media Studies. Twice she toured the United States with other writers (Writers in Motion) and had a bumpy train ride through the Balkans during the Word Express. Her story To Survive Hitchhiking was featured in a compilation of stories that won the UNESCO competition Bun(t)ovna p(r)oza in 2001, and in 2011 she won the third prize in Zija Dizdarević contest for her story Driving Home for Christmas. For a poetry collection A Promo Clip for My Homeland she has received an international award Literaris Bank Austria 2012: the book was translated into German and published at the Wieser Verlag. In the summer 2012 she participated as a Bosnian representative in the Festival "Poetry Parnassus" organized in London, on the occasion of the Olympics.

She read her poetry with great joy in many different places: at the prestigious Poets House in New York, at Harvard, at socialist Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center in Istanbul, under a Tuareg tent near the small town of Lodéve in Provence, at various bookstores and pubs, at Zagreb Močvara, in Tešanj, Banja Luka, outside the library in Gradačac, at the UT Connewitz in Leipzig, at Belgrade poetry festival Pesničenje…